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Life Purpose Readings

Life is a school for souls.

Do you know which courses you're taking?


I can tell you which courses you're taking in this great school for souls we call Life, with a Life Purpose Reading.

As a gifted psychic, I have the ability to tune in to the frequencies surrounding a soul's life lesson plan (also called a sacred contract or soul agenda) — that point when an evolving soul, assisted by spirit guides, formulates goals, lessons, and intentions for the approaching lifetime.

Each new life offers lessons to learn, skills and abilities to develop, virtues to perfect, higher truths to realize, and principles to demonstrate. So a person's life lesson plan comprises several life purposes, ones that may have as much to do with learning and becoming as with doing. Yet practical, creative, and career-related skills may be part of a person's soul agenda too.

The Life Purpose Reading

The Life Purpose Reading reveals, among other things:

  • Which lessons you are here to learn

  • Which skills and abilities you came here to acquire or advance

  • Which gifts you are here to express

The Life Purpose Reading is not a past life reading, it pertains to this life. It addresses both your present life and your adult life as a whole.

While the Life Purpose Reading taps into deeply esoteric information, this reading is expressed in easy-to-understand language.

The Life Purpose Reading is prepared in PDF format and sent to you as an email attachment, which opens with Adobe Reader or Microsoft Edge.

How We Fulfill Our Life Purposes

Everyday living is the context for fulfilling our life purposes. Through the plans we set in motion, the ways in which we express ourselves, the issues we confront, the mistakes we rectify, the thoughts we think, the love we express, and in countless other ways, we actualize ourselves as evolving spiritual beings.

Life Purposes and Career Path

Many people regard their occupation as their life purpose. But a life lesson plans typically calls for both inner development and outer expression. Work- and skill-related themes do crop up frequently in Life Purpose Readings, so while the Life Purpose Reading is not a career path reading per se, it may offer you career advice, directly or indirectly, or provide the understanding you need to take that next important step in your work life.

From the standpoint of soul advancement, your career may be highly relevant, partly relevant, or irrelevant. It all depends on what you came here to experience and to achieve.

Who Can Benefit from a Life Purpose Reading?

Anyone 18  years of age or older may order a Life Purpose Reading.

My clients include "ordinary" people, the just-curious, creative and artistic types, people who are career centered, and those who are not.

Individuals who order Life Purpose Readings include truth seekers and those who are "on the Path." I also do Life Purpose Readings for engaged lightworkers, as well as persons who sense they are being called to teach or heal in some way.

Some of my clients order a Life Purpose Reading because they sense that knowing their life purposes is their next step.

What Can a Life Purpose Reading Do For You?

Once you understand your higher purposes in life, you can begin to cooperate with them and avoid many of life's cumbersome pitfalls. This is the main purpose of the Life Purpose Reading.

This reading also offers you an opportunity to value and appreciate your own uniqueness. A Life Purpose Reading might also validate at least some of what you already sense to be true about your life purposes.

Knowledge is power, and knowing which strengths you are here to develop allows you to shape your destiny more effectively. Understanding why you are here also brings your life into sharper focus, making your time here on Earth a more rewarding experience.

Your Life Purpose Reading might answer some long-standing questions or explain why certain situations in your life seem to repeat themselves.

A Life Purpose Reading may change your sense of what's important and what's not and allow you to extend your energies more effectively, in ways that really count.

Your Life Purpose Reading may shed some light on why certain goals you set for youself didn't work out as planned, despite your best efforts. As important as it is for us to set and achieve goals, it's equally important to understand that the soul has its own set of purposes, ones that often differ from — and sometimes override — the goals that we as personalities set for ourselves.

If you are struggling to come to terms with an unhappy past, as many people are, knowing your life purposes may help you to see yesterday's experiences in a whole new light.

A Life Purpose Reading might help you to relate to others in more accepting, less judgmental ways. Why? Because we humans typically interpret the views and actions of others from the perspective of our own involvement with life. When we realize that each person has his or her own life lesson plan —  one that matches the uniqueness and spiritual significance of our own —  we gain a new respect and appreciation for his or her challenges and choices.

Understanding your life's purposes allows you to cruise through life at a higher altitude and make the most of your short time here on Earth.

After receiving your Life Purpose Reading, you might have a profound, life-changing dream, a vision, or other inner experience. Mystical experiences like these are precious gifts. They are ours to cherish for all our days.

If you are experiencing an identity crisis, please don't allow it to compromise your education, your work, your relationships, or your home life. A Life Purpose Reading can help you to take charge of your life again, from an entirely new perspective.

Knowing your life purposes can benefit you in other ways too. It all depends on what comes up for you in the Life Purpose Reading. At the very least, a Life Purpose Reading will allow you to view your life here on Earth in a fresh new way.

My clients say their Life Purpose Readings have given them more clarity, courage, peace of mind, etc. You can read some of their comments on the Testimonials page.

My Policies


Your Life Purpose Reading is for your eyes only. I will not share your name, email address, or any other information you give me, with anyone, for any reason.

In preparing your Life Purpose Reading, I will tell you the truth, not what I think you want to hear.

I will not attempt to use the Life Purpose Reading as a means of steering you into a life coaching program or any other scheme.

My goal with these Life Purpose Readings is to help you to succeed, both as an earthly human being and as an immortal spiritual being. One of my own life purposes is to help others to align with their higher purposes.

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