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Meditation Match Readings

Which of the 100+ meditation methods out there are right for you?


The Meditation Match Reading has your answers!

Are you thinking about taking up meditation? Or trading that meditation regimen that no longer works for you (if it ever did) for one that does? Good for you! Meditation is a fantastic tool for spiritual advancement. It allows you to get peaceful and centered within yourself, and it promotes better health in several important ways.

The problem is, with more than 100 kinds of meditation out there, sifting through all the confusing claims and conflicting theories can quickly become a burdensome ordeal. Moreover, meditation has become heavily commercialized, and it's disheartening to view all those slick ads competing for your hard-earned dollars.

You might be tempted to simply go with whatever meditation style is trendy, or what some celebrity is excited about, or what works for your friend. Or get out your credit card and buy the most expensive meditation program out there. (After all, you want the best, and you get what you pay for, right?)

I offer you a better way, a genuine breakthrough in meditation choice-making:  The Meditation Match Reading. With this unique psychic reading, I combine my intuitive abilities with my writing and researching skills to match you with those meditation modalities that fit your temperament, your soul vibration, your life purpose, and other esoteric factors.

With the Meditation Match Reading, it's not about what's trendy, or what works for someone else, it's about what spirit recommends for you.

The Meditation Match Reading not only pinpoints those meditation methods that have your name on them, it gives you the information you need to proceed with confidence and ease. And by the way, nearly all of the meditation methods recommended to my clients through me (so far anyway) have been free, low-cost, donation-based, or reasonably priced.

Where the Information For This Reading Comes From

I extract the information for your Meditation Match Reading from my meditation database, which I began compiling years ago. I update and maintain this database regularly.

The Meditation Match Reading is the hassle-free way to approach (or reapproach) meditation, one that honors your uniqueness. It's aimed entirely at your spiritual, mental, and physical well being, and it's good for your entire life.

Your Meditation Match Reading will arrive as an email attachment, in PDF format, which opens with Adobe Reader or Microsoft Edge.

You can read what some of my clients say about their Meditation Match Readings on the Testimonials page.

My Policies


Like all my psychic readings, your Meditation Match Reading is for your eyes only. I will not share your name, email address, or any other information you give me, with anyone, for any reason.

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