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Are You Obsessed with Genealogy?

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Below are thirteen sure signs that you've become obsessed with finding your roots:

1.  You name your firstborn child Gedcom.

2.  You introduce your cousin as "my collateral."

3.  The stack of leisure reading on your nightstand consists of tax rolls and baptismal records.

4.  You have recurring nightmares about fire — the one that destroyed the 1890 U.S. Federal Census records.

5.  You treat your entire family to a vacation in the beautiful state of Utah:  ten glorious, fun-filled days at the LDS Library in Salt Lake City.

6.  You declare your brick walls as dependents on your income tax form.

7.  You watch The Immigrants every time the classic movie channel runs it.

8.  You scrutinize the "surname list" that follows Masterpiece for possible British relations.

9.  Your photocopying bill at the courthouse now exceeds your mortgage.

10.  Your local genealogical society has obtained a restraining order against you.

11.  Thanks to you, medical science has four new ailments to study:  cemetery knee, microfilm elbow, census squint, and vault neck.

12.  Your bring your laptop to your own wedding, so you won't have to wait to get home to fill in the marriage data fields.

13.  In your wallet you carry pictures of your ancestors' headstones. You show them proudly to your friends, your pharmacist, your hairdresser, the dog catcher ...