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Baird Family Documents

Will of Jacob Baird

Dated June 3, 1816

Probated September 24, 1818, Morris Co., NJ

In the name of god Amen, I Jacob Baird of the towenship of Roxbury County of Morris and State of New Jersey being weak in body but of a sound mind memory and understanding, thanks be given to God there for and calling to mind the mortality of my body knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, I there for do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say.

First, it is my will and I do order that all my just debts and fee moral ------be duly paid and satisfied out of my personal estate as soon as may convenintly be done after my deaths.

Then I give and bequeath unto my son David Baird and to his heir and ofspring forever all my farm or plantaiton on which I now live, reserving for the use of my wife Catharine Barid the easterly part of my dwelling house, it being that part of the house which I occupy for my family use, also I give unto my said wife Catharine the use of one third part of my plantation so longer she remains my widow.

Thence I give unto my beloved wife Catherine Baird all my household and kithen furniture, two horses, three cows, six sheept, and two hogs, such of each kind as she may choose out of them. I may have had my deaths. Also my old negro whoman named Muriba, my negro girl named Effard,, my negro boy named Thises, also my clock and books and hay or fodder, sufficent to keep his horses, Cattle and sheept on during the ----- ---- this my own hand ---- my son David Baird should provide hays fodder sufficent to help her ---- ------ ----- -- water or foddering season and take good care of them so long as she remains my widow, what I have herin given unto my wife Catharine, I give unto her so long as she remains my widow and at her deathe or marriage it is my wil that she should dispose of it, as she thinks best, between my daughters Margaret Miller and Sarah Seward or their ---- but if she should not make a will and dispose of it to them, again it unto them my two daughters Margaret and Sarah equally share and share alike, but if either or both of my daughters should depart this life before my wife, and she not making a will, I give what I have given to my deceased daughter or daughtes to heir or their heirs excepting my clock and large bible, also croscut saw, which I give unto my son David Baird, what I have given unto my wife Catharine. I have given her instead of her right of dower and power of thirds.

It is also my will that my son David Baird should pay unto my daughter Margaret three hundred and seventy-five dollars in manner following. Viz one hundred and twenty five dollars in one year, one hundred and twenty five dollars in two years and one hundred and twenty five dollars in three years after my deaths.

If my daughter Margart should depart this liefe before my son David has paid her , he is to pay it to her heir. Also that my son David should pay into the hands of my Exector ----- survivors or survivor of them, three hundred and seventy five dollars in manner following - Viz one hundred and twenty five dollars, in one year, one hudred twenty five dollars in two years, and one hundred twenty five dollars in three years after my death, for the use and benefit of my daughter Sarah, and to be paid her at the desrection of my execetor, Excesters, survived or survior of them, if my daughter Sarah should epart his life before it is paid unto her, it is to be paid unto her here, I give all the grain of every kind, meal, provisions, and such articles as I may have provided for the support of my family and have on hand at my death unto my wife Catharine and daughter Margart & Sarah for their support and it is my will and I do order my Exector, survivor or survivors of these to sell all my personal estate which is not hearin disposed of at their discretion as soon after my death as may be convinente, and the money arising therefor to be divided between my two daughters Margaret and Sarah equally, share and share alike, but the share of my daughter Sarah is to be kept in the has of my Executore or the survivor or survivor of them and to be paid unto her for her use and benfit at their discretion or the discretion of the survivor of them, if within or any of my children should depart this life before I do, or before they receive what I have herein given them, what is so given I do give unto their hire - I do hearby appoint my wife Catharine Baird, my son David Barid, and my friend Joseph Headges, Exectore of this my testament and last will.

In writing should I have ---- ----- my hand and seal this third day of June in the year of our lord one thousand Eighty Hundred and sixteen - signed sealed, puclished and ----- by the said Jacob Baird to be his testament and last will in the presence of

Wm. Woodhull
Jerimiah Woodhull
Temperance Woodhule

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