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Harman (Harmon) Family Tree

Germany to Pennsylvania, USA

Descendants of Andrew Harman and Unknown Person

This descendancy chart, a work in progress, was compiled from both proven and unproven sources. It may contain errors. As with any family tree, you should regard it as a guideline for your own research. I hope you find your ancestors here. If not, feel free to stay awhile and explore the site.

My cousin Richard Dell (now deceased) provided the following information: "Philip and his wife [Margaret McClain] both came to America in their youth and settled in Westmoreland Co.. He came with his parents, who were among the pioneer settlers. His father was killed by Indians and was buried under the tree where he had fallen. Philip was a cabinet maker by trade but a farmer and landowner as well. After his marriage, he lived for a time in Westmoreland Co., later moved to Bolivar. He and his wife were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church and were the parents of several children." Source unknown.

1 Andrew Harman d: Killed by Seneca Indians
.. + Unknown Person
2 Philip Harman b: 25 Dec 1804 Germany d: 23 May 1853
.... + Margaret McClain b: 6 Feb 1802 Ireland m: Abt. 1828 d: 14 Apr 1872
.. 3 Eiza J. Harman b: 12 Nov 1826 d: 6 Oct 1829
.. 3 John M. Harman b: 19 Dec 1827 d: 6 Sep 1829
.. 3 Rosana M. Harman b: 6 Feb 1829
.. 3 Mary Ann Harman b: 10 Sep 1830 Donegal, Westmoreland Co., PA d: 21 Mar 1908
...... + Jacob Dell b: 1 Jan 1829 Allegheny Co., PA m: 1 Jul 1850 Father: Phillip H. Dell Mother: Elizabeth Wissler Occupation: 1860 Brick moulder d: Apr 1899 Duquesne, Allegheny Co., PA
.. 3 George Harman b: 20 Jun 1832 d: 30 Mar 1833
.. 3 William Harman b: 24 Jun 1834 d: 24 Aug 1835
.. 3 Andrew J. Harman b: 29 Jul 1836 d: 17 Jul 1909
.. 3 Nancy J. Harman b: 1 Sep 1838 d: 26 Dec 1906
.. 3 Elizabeth Harman b: 5 May 1841 d: 9 Feb 1904
.. 3 James P. Harman b: 22 Jun 1845 d: 11 Jun 1915
2 Andrew Harman
2 John Harman

Thanks to my cousin Mark, who provided much of this info from a family bible.

Contact me to ask about a source or to report an error.